The first half arrives at the site!

Coming down the road it gets stuck

They prepare to make a turn down the "home stretch"

Making the turn, they stop to cut some trees

It barely clears the fence

Where it got stuck, they broke a hydraulic line and lost a tire.

They don't particularly care where they park it for the evening.

Here comes the second half down the road (he got stuck in the mud)

The first half is set.

The plastic comes off.

Second half in place but needs to be set.

The second 1/2 gets leveled and attached to the first 1/2


Living Room

One of the bedrooms. The wall to the right had to
be removed because there was a water leak coming from the bathroom

Seriously Ugly! Looks like something from the show Laugh In

Master Bedroom

A cat entry door?

The phantom extra room without a closet


The septic system goes in

Utility Room

Never know when you'll need to take that emergency call!

Master Bath